Welcome to bet36365体育全球 招生! The University of Nebraska at Kearney welcomes international students from across the world. Our diverse community of students and scholars attracts more than 300 international students to our campus. We are excited of your interest in bet36365体育. Use the below links to learn more about our application process.



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bet36365体育 embraces diversity and accepts people of all cultures because celebrating the differences in people leads to a more rewarding experience. Here, you’ll receive a quality education and world experience in a safe environment. bet36365体育全局视图

Rina Pokharel

"bet36365体育 gives students the very best the moment we join the University. International 学生 Services does a tremendous job in supporting the international students through everything – immigration, academics or careers. All the staff are kind and supportive and are like my second family. The 商学院 and 技术 requires an internship depending on your major. You can start your own business instead of going to another business. 这太酷了? The class sizes are smaller and full of discussion. This is something I am not able to get back in Japan. There are plenty of opportunities to get hands-on experience related to our major and field. This has made me feel confident about my skills and ability to perform."

Rina Pokharel

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